Why is my mailing list archived without my knowledge?

Mailing list archive is not something new. Besides Nabble, a public mailing list is very likely archived somewhere else. For example, try searching on Gmane, Mail-archive, MARC, and OpenSubscriber. They have all existed long before Nabble. Nabble may have found your public mailing list from these places. Or, your list's members may have added your list to Nabble's archive.

If you feel upset because nobody asked you for permission, take it easy. An archive works like Google. Google will use a crawler to crawl your site to collect the web pages and index them, much the same way as an archive using an email address to subscribe to your list to receive the messages and index them. Were Google to ask permission from every webmaster, it would take too long, and there would be no Google or search engines. But, if you don't like it, we will delete it.

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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