Is it possible to post messages through email?

Yes. Nabble has email subscriptions that allow you to receive emails for each message posted under a forum. If you reply to those emails, your response will be appended to the discussion in the forum archive.

To subscribe to a forum, open the forum page and click on Options > Subscribe via email. You can choose if you want to receive an email for each message posted or just new topics.

Detailed Explanation

All forums at Nabble have a built-in mailing list that people can use to communicate. In other words, users can compose, read and reply to messages via email independently of the forum web interface.

If you want to subscribe to a mailing list, open the forum interface and click on "Options > Subscribe via email" as seen below:

Subscribe via email

Here you can see the options when you click on that link:

Subscription options

(1) Individual emails - You receive one email for each new post under the forum. If you reply to such emails, your message will be archived as a new reply on the forum.

(2) Digest - You receive one email with a summary of all posts created in the last 24 hours. You can't reply to this type of email.

To manage your subscriptions, click on your profile (top right corner), then click on "Personal Settings > Email Subscriptions". From that screen you can change and remove subscriptions.

Posting via Email

To know the email of a given forum, go to the forum and click on "Options > Post by email...". To prevent spam, forum addresses are unique for each user. So you can't get a forum address and send it to your friends (they must click on that link).

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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