Why is my post "pending"? How to fix it?

Your post is pending because you posted it to a special Nabble forum which is both a forum and a web gateway to a mailing list. Your message is already posted on Nabble, but it has not been accepted by the mailing list yet.

A mailing list is a subscriber-only email forwarding service. A subscriber sends email to the mailing list, and the mailing list fowards his email to all subscribers. This allows subscribers to discuss topics by reading and replying via email. Nabble works as a bridge to forward your post to the mailing list. If you are a subscriber, the mailing list will take your post and forward it to all subscribers. But if you are not, then your post will be rejected and thus it will be in a "pending" status.

Are you a registered user of Nabble? Please note that being registered with Nabble does not mean that you are a subscriber to mailing lists. In fact, each mailing list requires a separate subscription.

Have you confirmed your subscription yet? You may have just clicked a "Subscribe" button, but may not have followed through with the two additional steps:

  1. Check your email for a confirmation email from the mailing list.
  2. Follow the instruction in the email to confirm subscription.

Sounds complicated? You bet. But the good part of this mechanism is that it helps to filter out careless posters. Because most users on a mailing list are dedicated and careful users, you are likely to get quality responses once your post goes through.

How to fix pending messages?

Nabble doesn't allow you to resend your message to the mailing list. The right way of doing this is to compose a new message, which will be sent as a new email. You might want to delete your old pending messages in order to keep the forum clean and organized. To find your pending messages, go to Your Account > Account Settings > Pending Posts.

The most important thing is to make sure you are a subscriber. If you haven't subscribed yet, do it and wait for confirmation. Then follow the instruction to confirm. If you don't remember whether you have subscribed before, subscribe again. After you have confirmed a subscription, go back to your pending message and repost the message.

I am sure I have subscribed, but why is my message still pending?

A post to a mailing list will appear as pending right after being posted. This is normal because it takes a few minutes for your post to get forwarded and processed by a mailing list server. Usually, if you are a subscriber, after a few minutes, your pending message will get posted and the pending messages page will remove that post from the list.

When you are a subscriber and you see a post pending for several hours after your have posted, it could be that the mailing list server is slow or unavailable. Your post may be pending simply because the mailing list server has not processed it yet. Try going to the mailing list website to see if it is slow. Don't post repeatedly. Try reposting in a day or two.

Sometimes mailing lists may reject your message for format or editorial reasons. For example, some mailing lists do not accept HTML formats, and some forbids certain language or content. Usually, the mailing list will reject your post and email you a notice with an explanation. In such cases, go to the pending post to "Edit" it so that it conforms with the mailing list requirement, then post again. Or, you can simply delete your post.

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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