Why do I see a user account with my name when I haven't registered?

Nabble archives public mailing lists and will create user accounts for users on these lists. If you have posted to the mailing lists before, Nabble may have created an unregistered account for you. Since this account is unregistered, you cannot use it until you register with Nabble. When you register with Nabble using the same email address as you used on the mailing list, you will be able to take ownership of this account and will be able to post messages.

It is important that you use the same email address (that you used for the mailing list) to register because Nabble identifies users by their email addresses. If you use an email address different from the one that you used for the mailing list, you are just creating a new account. Nabble currently does not support merging of multiple user accounts.

If you still have questions, visit Nabble Help or the Nabble Support forum.

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